about completing the EHDI-PALS audiology facility survey

When will EHDI-PALS be functional?
The EHDI-PALS database is currently being populated by audiology facilities. The parent/provider search module will be available in Spring, 2013.

Who might use EHDI-PALS in addition to parents and providers?
EHDI coordinators may use the EHDI-PALS database for needs assessment and resource planning so children who do not pass the newborn hearing screening or who have a hearing loss will be served at audiology facilities that best meet their individual needs.

What is the basis for the EHDI-PALS audiology facility survey?
The comprehensive survey is based on current standards of care found in ASHA and AAA guidelines for providing audiological services to young children ASHA and AAA are represented on the EHDI-PALS advisory group.

Who should complete the EHDI-PALS survey for an audiology facility?
The person who creates an audiology facility’s account in EHDI-PALS will be the default “steward” of the facility’s data. The “steward” will need to create a unique log-in name and password for each facility location. If a “steward” leaves the facility, another staff person should be assigned to that role so the facility maintains exposure to the parents/providers who may need the facility’s services.

What facility information would be helpful to have available when completing the survey? To speed the process of completing the survey, it would be helpful to have the following information readily available:
  • Names of audiologists who provide services to children 0 - 5 years of age.
  • Estimated caseload of hearing evaluations, management of hearing loss, and management of cochlear implants in the previous year for children in these age groups: 0–30 days, 1–3 months, 4–24 months, and 25–60 months.
  • Types of payment accepted.
  • Types of auxiliary services provided.

How will facility information be kept current?
An audiology facility’s profile can be updated anytime by the facility “steward” logging in to EHDI-PALS and making the necessary changes. The date of the most recent review or changes will be displayed so that parents/providers can be assured that the information is current. An annual reminder will be sent to the “steward” to review and update the facility’s profile. If a facility fails to review the service profile annually, the facility will no longer be displayed in EHDI-PALS.

How should profiles be created if there are multiple sites offering different services?
Complete one survey for each location or clinic site. A unique log-in name and password will need to be created for each location. When different audiological services are offered at multiple sites, the EHDI-PALS system will display only those sites that meet the parent/providers needs. Each site’s physical address will be mapped so that parents/providers can easily locate the facility.

Do all questions need to be answered?
Although the survey looks long, all questions may not need to be answered. The system will determine and display relevant questions based on answers to previous questions.

Can the survey be completed in several sessions?
The survey responses are automatically saved as information is entered. If the survey needs to be completed at a later time, simply enter your log-in name and password to retrieve the partially completed profile and continue.

How can previous pages be accessed while completing the survey?
If a previous survey page needs to be accessed, click the browser’s back arrow button located on the upper left hand corner.

EHDI-PALS is for the benefit of children and their families. Please answer the survey accurately and provide updates as audiology services change.